How Is Domain Name Registration And Web Hosting Connected?

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While domain name registration is the name, you give to your online business, web hosting houses all the features of the domain name. Web hosting comes in different forms;

Free web hosting

This is where you do not have to pay a dime for hosting services. This type of hosting is perfect for those with web developing or IT experience. They can build a page from the ground up without any help. The best thing about this type of hosting is it gives the e-commerce site owner the freedom to customize his pages as he pleases with all the tools made available to him. It is a great way to set out a unique tone to a website. Free web hosting providers usually provide free domain names as well. In case they don’t, you can gain access to a whole lot of free domain names. You just need an idea of something that identifies your site and a domain name generator to get it done. Just be sure to validate their legit nature, so you do not end up with a bogus domain name. A bogus domain name will entail a bogus site, another connection between domain names and web hosting. You can gain access to good free hosting providers from those in the US (USA web hosting providers) or from other world location like Canada (Canadian Web Hosting providers).

These are the kind who will require you to part with some cash to get your site up and running. Most will provide you with both hosting services and a domain name (usually for free). They find it better to pick a domain name for you that will grow into something huge. These kinds of hosts think like engineers or architects who take pride in the different development stages of a project. When you land the right one, you will be sure to be on your road to online success in no time. However, be sure to weed out the no-good ones from the great ones. There is no exact formula for this weeding, however, reading through a few reviews can shed some light on the kind of host you are choosing.

One of the most common forms of hosting providers thanks to their economic and convenient nature, they are making it big in the e-commerce field. Their web hosting prowess lies in the fact that they place their clients; data and applications on the internet to access from whichever part of the world. Never mind the sharing of the internet spaces, cloud hosts are easily available to fix any arising site issues. Of course, most will provide you with a domain name registration along with their hosting services. Some may charge for premium domains while others may offer the domain names for free. Either way, you will be in good care.

Most commonly asked questions that determine the difference between domain name registration and web hosting services

Question 1: What is GTLD Name?

Among the most common Top Level Domains (TLD), Generic Top Level Domain (GTLD) is the most popular. Its popularity is earned from the fact that it requires the users to go through some eligibility tests before landing their page. So it is clear to see that these kinds of domain names make online visitors more confident to visit your page and even make purchases. A web host providing a GTLD may be in the category of “Prices Domains” where you will need to part with a good some of the money. But it’s worth the expense.

Question 2: Types of Domain names out there

Domain extensions cover from those with country codes in them (CCTLDs) to the New TLDS that express the personality of the e-commerce owner or his site. A good web host may factor in your likes and dislikes before he provides a more suitable domain name.


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