If you are specialized in the online marketing business, having a website is of utmost importance. For those who don’t fit in the above category but still want to have a website, choosing a reliable hosting company is critical. The very first step towards having a website is to purchase a domain. It is only after buying the domain that one becomes the owner of the website. Note that the website owner is required to pay some fee for the hosting services which should be renewed every year depending on the hosting company. Here are some basic ideas about domain hosting.

·      Choosing a domain hosting company

The first step to take towards owning a website is to look for a cheap and reliable domain host company. You can easily acquire one of these domains through a registrar. Cheap domain companies offer their domains at a fair price even though they differ from one company to another. To make sure that a domain is not shared, the registrar will first check the database. You can do the checking by yourself by running the domain on a checker to verify its uniqueness.

·      Registration process

During the registration process, you shall be required to first register with the company of your choice by giving out your personal information. Make sure you give out information that is valid and up to date. If you are not comfortable to give out your personal information, you have an option of choosing the many services that give you the opportunity to use them as a proxy. There’ll be a small fee charged for this. This is a good option except for the fact that it may lead to problems regarding your privacy.

·      Terms and conditions

It is advisable that you always read through the terms and conditions of a company before signing up with them. Make sure the terms and conditions have indicated that you will be the only one using that domain. Most of the cheap web hosting companies have gained notoriety of retaining the ownership of the domain that is registered with their company.


Conducting extensive research before purchasing a domain is essential. It will not only save you from fraud but also make sure you sign in with a reliable company. Make sure you are aware of the nature of their customer service.


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