·     Linux vs. Windows for web hosting

There are lots of domain hosts that will offer you a choice between Linux based server or a Windows based one. The primary determiner here is the type of development language or database that your website will use. It is important to note that the operating system you use on your personal computer has no bearing whatsoever on the type of server that you use. Experts always recommend Linux hosting to be used. This is for the reason that there rarely are Windows hosting needs. Only when there is a specific reason to do so should you opt for a Windows-based server. The command lines for the two software types are great and have great user interfaces that take care of all the hard parts.

PHP, Python, Ruby, and MYSQL website languages all do good with a Linux based server. It is for this reason that Linux is the de facto operating system for domain hosting. It is also easier to find a ready-to-use software for powering your website that is free and open-sourced. The similar case for windows requires one to obtain from licensed sources that you have to pay a fee for.

If planning to use ASP or ASAP.NET on your site, then it is advisable to use a windows server. Other than that, the popularity and affordability of Linux make it the go-to server.

·     Web hosting control panels

The two most common choices control panels are cPanel and Plesk. The chief purpose of these type of control panels is to provide a graphical user interface. They also work as providers of a wide range of automation tools that ease and simplify complex web hosting tasks. The processes of creating databases, managing files on websites and setting up email as well as managing DNS are streamlined by the use of control panels. All web hosting plans have the inclusion of accessibility to the web hosting control panel.

While they both perform the same functions, their organization differs and also their security system. The two panels also use different terminologies. While cPanel runs better on Linux servers, Plesk is good with servers that use Windows software. This, however, is not a factor that should be heavily weighed when choosing between two hosts. They both run smoothly on either of the operating systems.

The above discussed prove how convenient Linux servers are over Window’s based ones.